Working with Touch in Flex


Category : Flex, Scrolling, Touch Interactions

At Adobe MAX, this year, I spoke at the 360|MAX conference about touch events in Flex. Some of the topics I talked about are:

  • Touch events and MultiTouch.inputMode in Flash
  • Flex touch basics
  • Why touch is difficult
  • How Flex components coordinate to interpret and react to ambiguous touch interactions
  • How to write your own code to deal with touch interactions and coordinate with other components appropriately

As part of that, I showed off two examples:

  1. How to create a checkmark item renderer to distinguish between down and selected in a touch environment
  2. How to create an item renderer that responds to a swipe gesture and shows a delete button (similar to iPhone’s email application)

Please help yourselves to the PowerPoint presentation (PPT | PDF) and the Flash Builder project with both applications. You can also play around with the first application below, and let me know if you have any questions about this. More information around touch interactions can also be found on the Mobile List, Scroller and Touch Specification.