Flex Videos on your iPod

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The “Flex in a Week” training videos are becoming more popular. Because of this, we’ve decided to make them available for your iPod. I think we’ll be publishing more, but for now some of our more popular ones are up there.

One of mine is up there–the one about building SWC files.

Here’s a link to the videos: iTunes | Adobe Developer Connection Videos

SWCs, Modules, and RSLs


Category : Flex, module, RSL, swc

So a month or two ago, I helped out with some training videos for “Flex in a Week,” which I think is a great program and a great way to learn Flex. The videos aren’t perfect, but given that I was nervous and really only had one shot, they’re not too bad :-)

The three videos I did are:

All of them should be really useful if you’re looking to split up your code into multiple projects for organizational or performance reasons.

The source code for the demos can be found here: