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Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA
B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, May 2007
Double Major: Computer Science
Overall GPA: 3.95 / 4.00


Work Experience

Lab 49, London, United Kingdom
Software Consultant, 4/2011 – Present

  • Working on large-scale, modular applications for financial clients
  • Focused on creating solutions that are well-architected and highly-optimized for the client’s needs


Adobe Systems, San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer, Flex SDK, 6/2007-3/2011

  • Integral member of the Flex SDK framework team during the Flex 3, Flex 4, and the Flex 4.5 mobile SDK releases
  • Worked on core architecture for new Spark component set, including Spark skinning, Spark containers , and core Spark interfaces
  • Designed and implemented touch functionality for the mobile SDK for Flex 4.5
  • Worked on item renderer components and interfaces for Flex 4
  • Designed and implemented strategy to achieve acceptable performance for touch scrolling in Flex 4.5
  • Created Spark VideoDisplay/VideoPlayer and worked on OSMF integration
  • As a member of the Architecture Review Board, lead the resolution of several difficult, cross-team issues concerning the Flex SDK
  • Contributed to many other areas and fixed numerous bugs all across the framework
  • Worked closely with the QA team to ensure a low bug regression rate and high quality product


Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Instructor, 98-082 – Web 2.0: Building Rich Internet Applications, Spring 2007


Google IncMountain View, CA
Engineering Intern, AdWords FrontEnd, 6/2006-8/2006

  • Gathered requirements, created design document, and implemented a feature to add controls to data tables for toggling the visibility of columns based on account settings and user preferences


Morgan StanleyNew York, NY
Summer Intern, Institutional Equity IT, 6/2005-8/2005

  • Worked with the NY and London business units to gather requirements and create an Adobe Flex web application for maintaining and adding users to Passport XL, a trading application


Oracle CorporationRedwood Shoes, CA
Summer Intern, Oracle Collaboration Suite-Integrated Client, 6/2004-8/2004

  • Added several features to the AJAX web client as well as refactored parts of the underlying framework, including the event scheme and focus handling


Carnegie Mellon UniversityPittsburgh, PA
Teaching Assistant, 15-211: Intro to Data Structures and Algorithms, Spring 2005, Spring 2006, Fall 2006, Spring 2007


Web Wizardry PlusOrangeburg, SC
President/Founder, Software Consulting7/2000-Present


Articles and Tech Talks


  • Speaker at various conferences, including Adobe MAX, 360|Flex, and FlashCamp
  • Wrote articles about Flex for Adobe DevCenter and
  • Wrote articles on “JavaScript as an Object-Oriented Language” and DHTML for and, which have over one million views
  • Recorded video presentations for “Flex in a Week” training


Computer Languages

ActionScript, MXML, JavaScript, Java, C, PHP, SQL, x86 Assembly, HTML, CSS, XML



CIT Dean’s List, SCAHPERD Presidential Award



Cooking, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer

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